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Sitelink Extensions

Use Sitelink extensions to make your Google AdWords ad bigger with more clickable links without any additional costs. Sitelinks can take visitors to specific pages [...]

Google AdWords Callout Extension

Google AdWords Callout Extension

About Google AdWords Callout Extension You can promote unique offers with Callout Extension in the search ads. These could be: Free shipping 24-hr customer service [...]

Business Networking Event @ MK Dons

MK Dons are hosting a complimentary business networking event at Stadium MK, the home of MK Dons Football Club. The event is linked to the [...]

Google AdWords Ad Groups Tutorial 2018

Google AdWords Ad Groups Tutorial 2018. In this video blog, you will learn how to create ad groups for your Google AdWords Ad Groups using [...]

Google AdWords: What Is Quality Score & Ad Rank?

    If you are running a campaign on Google AdWords, then Quality Score and Ad Rank are important in maximising the performance of your [...]

YouTube Certified

YouTube Certified UK

I'm super excited to announce that I've just been YouTube Certified. So what is YouTube Certified program and what does it mean to you as [...]

How To Use Quora For Marketing

How To Use Quora

You may wonder what the hell is Quora! Quora is a great way to drive targeted to your website. In this post, you will learn [...]

Top Tips for a Killer Email Signature

Top Tips for a Killer Email Signature

Why Email Signature? Signing off the email is not a new concept in the world of emails, where every day an average of 40 emails [...]

Google Partner Connect Livestream Leighton Buzzard

Google Partner Connect Livestream Leighton Buzzard

Google Partner Connect Livestream We are super excited to host this very exciting event 'Google Partner Connect Livestream' in Leighton Buzzard. Join us and Google [...]

Google Partner Search Exam

Google Partner Search Exam

Just passed the 2017 Google Search Advertising Exam :) To maintain the status of being a Google Partner, I need to take exams on a [...]

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