With each passing day, the number of dentists is increasing, and the market saturation is expanding. In this situation, increasing sales is not an easy task, but nothing is impossible.

You might have heard that we are living in the age of social media. In this era, if you want to grow your business or you want to sell a service, then you must have a social media presence. In addition, social media can help you in finding your potential clients.

Getting clients in a competitive industry like dentistry could be challenging, but a better dental marketing strategy can help you. For instance, PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements can help you to generate considerable clients. One can use one to many social media platforms to reach their potential customers. Nowadays, three crucial marketing channels include Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

Choosing the best social media platform is crucial for getting sales. Choosing the social media marketing strategies could be the determining point of your career. Marketing strategies matter a lot, especially if you need marketing in the era of coronavirus or another crisis.

Better marketing strategies come with time, but we are here to help you. Our team has collected some best marketing strategies for you. These marketing strategies will certainly help you in finding the best clients and in generating revenues.

So let’s see, what are some best dental marketing strategies?

Google Ads are a great dental marketing idea!

Google Ads can help in reaching your potential clients, and they will take your dentistry practice to the next level. A Google platform, PPC that we have mentioned above, can help you in generating customers.

For Google Ads, you will make an appealing pamphlet or bid online. In this ad, you decide on a main keyword or phrase. When people search that keyword on Google, Google will show your advertisement to the searcher.

Using Google Ads is one of the best ways to reach your potential clients. Google will show your ads only to the person who will search for your services. For instance, if you have put the keyword “best dentistry practitioner” then whoever will search for the best dentistry service will find your ads.

People click on your ad to reach you, and with every click, Google charges some amount of money from you. The process is easier said than done because you need to make sure that only quality leads click on your ads. It is crucial to decide the potential market or potential customer, then optimise your Google Ads accordingly. Otherwise, your marketing budget will be depleted.

We have 10 tips for growing your dental marketing strategy with Google Ads: 

1. Place a bid on location keyword

Location Based Keywords

Dentistry is not like the online business. Because your client needs to meet you in person to get your services, one should bid on the local location or in a certain geographical region. Then, Google will show ads only to the people of the selected area.

Make sure to add your location in your keyword. For instance, if you are practising dentistry in London, use the phrase, “best dentist of London” or something like that in your ads that specify your circle.

With this strategy, you will get the maximum number of those clients who will have a high intent for getting you services. And, the clients who can reach you easily.

2. Place a bid on the emergency keyword.

Emergency Dental Keywords

You use emergency keywords for the people who are ready to buy your services. For instance, one emergency keyword for dentistry could be “fast tooth extraction” Whoever will search the keyword will find your services on Google.

Using emergency keywords is one of the easiest ways to get clients. The search number of the emergency keywords is less than the traditional keywords, but the buying intent is higher because the client who is searching these keywords wants to get your services instantly.

For emergency keywords, you got a small audience. And, that is why the cost per click (CPC) is lower. It is one of the best tactics if you are operating with a tight budget.

Before searching the emergency keyword, keep the client’s requirements under consideration. For doing this, search the most in-demand emergency service in your area. For example, if there is no dental clinic for emergency tooth extraction, give that service at your clinic and advertise it through Google Ads. This method will certainly help in generating great profit.

3. Focus on demographic targeting

Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting, if used wisely, will generate revenue for you. With the help of Google Ads, you can use demographic information wisely to target your audience.

There are different options in Google Ads demographics age. You can select among age groups, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65 and up gender male-female, and transgender.

For instance, if you are running a campaign of three days for tooth extraction. For this campaign, you should choose a group of people aged 50 and above. Because, at this age, people need a tooth extraction. Not to mention, you should choose the male and female populations because both are equally important in this scenario.

4. Use location extension to get more traffic.

Google Ads Location Extension

It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to enhance foot traffic. For doing this, you need to add ads and extensions to your ad.

By doing this, your ads will appear on the map. Google Maps Ads can attract people looking for a dental office in their area. And, the ad that appears on Google Maps gets a high ranking in Google search results.

5. Use the Google ad call extension.

Google Ad Call Extensions

According to the research, people who visit online dentistry ads don’t buy the services. Because the ads fail to clear their concerns. The best method to avoid this is to add a contact number on the ad so people can call to solve their concerns.

Research has also shown that phone calls are one of the most common methods for dentistry appointments. So, it is crucial to add a contact number to the ad. Google has an extension through which you can add the click to call button on your ad.

Visitors will be able to contact you directly by clicking on the click to call option. Call extension is one of the successful dental marketing strategies.

6. Call-only ads for mobile phones.

Sometimes people are reluctant to use an online service until they find it super beneficial. A call-only ad is for the customers who find the research of the dentist difficult.

The call-only ads appear during browsing and general phone searches. These ads don’t have a direct link to the website. They only smoothen the pathway of contact between you and your customer. The call-only ads have proven to be a very successful method of getting potential clients.

7. Concentrate on long key phrases from voice searches

Long Tail Key Phrases

With the advancement of technology, the method of browsing is changing. You will be amazed to know that now about 50% of the searches are done through voice search. And 15% of these voice qualities usually contain the long key phrase that includes how, what, when, and best.

When you start putting the long key phrases in your content, you will start receiving your targeted audience even if the search result of your key phrase is lesser.

Brainstorming and negotiation with the team members can help in finding the best long key phrases. When you start bidding on these commonly used key phrases, you will start receiving organic traffic on the website and clients on the clinic.

8. Use Google ad bid adjustment of your dental ads

If you are a dentist and want to increase the number of clients in your clinic with the help of Google Ads, then there is no purpose in showing the ads a hundred miles away from your clinic. It is just a waste of money.

The bid adjustment of the ad is the same as the demographic adjustment of the ad, and it is also one of the instant and successful dental marketing strategies. The best way of using the bid adjustment of the ad is to adjust the bid based on the keyboard, neighbour area, emergency conditions, and other attributes that ensure that your ads will be shown to your potential clients.

9. Use an optimised ad-specific landing page

A landing page is a page that appears in response to your click. All your Ads should have intriguing landing pages and a compelling call to action, except the call-only ads. Call-only ads did not need landing pages.

The CTA of your landing page should compel the visitors to buy from your website, and it should also have the correct contact information. And, make sure to add the button of pacing the order in your website so clients can do so easily.

10. Consult with a Google Ads assistant

All of the methods that we have explained are the best techniques, and they will take your online marketing to the next level. But Google Ads is a do-it-yourself platform, so there are chances that you will get the instant result by following the methods that we have explained above.

Or you might get the result after some time if you have followed and applied all the techniques. If you are still not getting any benefit, it is time to connect a Google Ads assistant. Working with Google Ads assistants can help you to get a good return on your investment.


The medium of the advertisement has changed over the past few years. Now, online advertisements have more influence over people. Google Ads have been proven to be very successful, and they attract a wide audience.

So, if you are designing Google Ads for dental marketing strategy, then make sure to follow the 10 tips that we have explained above. It will surely help to generate considerable profit.

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