If you are a seller, you must be aware of the importance of Google Ads and how it helps you reach the maximum potential audience. Google automated ads provide better bid strategies, maximise clicks, and improve conversion rates.

However, Google keeps making changes in its system to provide users with more options. Recently, it has added 3 changes to the Google ads automated extensions. In this blog post, we’ll tell you the details of these changes and how it helps the advertiser.

Essential Changes To Google Ads Automated Extensions

Google ads extensions help you grow on various platforms and create a better interaction space. Your chance of getting new customers increases using these extensions. 

Automated Google ad extensions are generated by Google and are predicted to improve your ad performance. The 3 changes to Google ads automated extensions are:

1. Automatic And Manual Extensions Shown Together

Starting in Mid-March or a little later, this change shows automated and manual extensions together. If you have generated two site links, Google will automatically generate two more dynamic site links making a total of 4 site links.

2. Reporting

Google will also start showing a report of automatically or dynamically generated extensions. To see these extensions, click on the table view on the extension page.

3. Can Add At Ad Group, Campaign, Or Account Level

You can add these to any ad group, campaign, or account level. Also, the recent changes will enable the callouts, structure snippets, and site links from a higher level in your account to serve with extensions of the same type from lower levels.

You can pause if you don’t want the automated extensions to show over your manually generated ones. Skip those recommendations from Google that don’t align with your campaign goals.

Types Of Google Automated Extensions

There are several types of Google automated extensions. Each extension serves a specific purpose and helps you engage more with people. Some of those types include:

Location Extension

Google Ads Location Extensions

If you are selling your service or have your store at some particular place or city, this extension lists your location on its line. In this way, people get to know about your location and can easily access you through map instructions.

It works perfectly for restaurants, retail stores, plumbing services, etc. Sometimes, this extension also includes your phone number and a call button.

Rating Extensions

Google Ads Seller Ratings Extensions

This extension benefits sellers who work hard to build their brands’ credibility. It works by collecting reviews and ratings from your customers and reputable or popular business sites.

Google then shows your rating on a scale of 1 to 5 and the total number of reviews. To qualify for this extension, the seller must have engaging reviews and an average rating of 3.5.

Structured Snippet Extension

Google Ads Structured Snippet Extensions

Colons usually identify structured snippets. It is one of the best ways to show your brand’s status and the services you offer or can target users’ intent directly.

You can provide visitor information about your services in a quick and composed way through structured snippets. This tells the user about you and what you offer. Research shows a 35.1% increase in overall business clicks due to this extension.

Wrap Up!

The new 3 changes to the Google Ads automated extension are helpful for all the sellers. So now you can promote your brand more effectively and explore many other options to acquire maximum clients.

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