5 Proven Ways To Improve Google Ads Performance

Do you want to improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns Of course, you do. In this video, I’m going to show you five simple and easy ways as to how to improve the performance of your Google ads.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to improve your Google Ads campaign performance in five easy ways. And with these minor tweaks and improvements, your results are going to improve in a very short space of time and you will start to see the ROI or the ROAS Improve. So, let’s get started.

1. Review Quality Score

Okay, so the first one is to review your Quality Score Google will charge you the CPC depending on the quality score and the ad rank. So, keeping an eye on the quality score is important. So, the quality score is made up of three different components. The first one is the expected CTR or the click-through rate as to what the likelihood of your ad getting clicked Google is in the business of making money.

They want people to click on the ads. If people don’t click on the ads, they don’t make money and you also want people to click your ads because if you don’t get clicked, you won’t get the targeted visitors to your website. So, this is something which you want to keep an eye on as to what is the expected click-through rate.

The next one is the ad relevance. How closely your ad matches the intent behind a user’s search or a search term. So, when somebody goes to Google and type something in, you need to make sure that what they have typed is what appears on the ad when the ad is shown to that person. What I ideally do is to put that keyword or the search term in headline one because that’s the first thing that somebody is going to read. If you put the search term or the keyword in headline three, sometimes Google doesn’t show headline three.

They only show headline one in headline two. So, try and put that straight up in headline one and that is going to improve the ad relevance of your ad but what I mean is you don’t need to have a keyword in headline one. you can have that keyword anywhere on an ad and the third one is the landing page experience. Really important Google is recommending some bad to jump through to your website. So, if I were to ask you for a plumber and ask you, can you recommend me a plumber, You are not going to recommend me to someone who does not do a good job or whose work is not of good quality.

The same thing happens over here. Google wants or is recommending someone from the ad and they are driving traffic from their platform to your website. If that website is not up to the standard or it has got a very slow PageSpeed and the navigation is not very good. Google is going to charge you a lot more for that click or that CPC. So, the landing page experience is part of that quality score and you need to make sure that your landing page or your website is up to scratch.

2. Make Ads More Relevant To The Keywords

The number two thing and this is not in any order. It’s just the five things and we have numbered it to make Ads more relevant to the keywords. As I said earlier that, you know, you need to have that keyword on your ad. So, if your ad is showing a status of below-average or average, then you need to consider whether these match the language of your ad, text more directly to your users, search them. So, what they are searching for. ideally, you want that to be in the ad text. As I said earlier, look for ad groups with many different keywords that can’t be easily addressed by the same ad split these ad groups into multiple ad groups that better match the users’ searches.

So, for example, if you are selling mobile phones, you should have a different ad group or a campaign for iPhones compared to Samsung. Don’t put iPhone and Samsung in the same ad group and that’s what we are trying to say over here is you will not be able to address two different products or services to that same keyword. split them up, make them into their ad groups. Although you will have more work to do it will pay you a lot of dividends in the long run. And this is what we mean by trying to group your keywords into themes to increase relevance.

It is extremely important in Google’s eyes that you are showing the relevant ad to the relevant person. So, if somebody is searching for green apples, you want to show green apples and not red apples. So these themes can be based on your product services or other categories and for example, if you sell rings, you can have a group of keywords for engagement rings and another ad group for wedding bands and this is how we would separate these groups of keywords.

3. Try To Improve CTR

Improve your CTR, click-through rate. The more people click on your ads, the more Google is going to love you. Although you will get charged every time somebody clicks on your ad, what it tells Google that every time your ad is showing up, people click on it. That means they like what they see and this is what you want to be doing. So, if your expected CTR has a status of below-average or average, then you need to consider doing these things. Edit your text ad to make it more appealing. Make your offer more compelling to your target audience because if they are not clicking on it when they see your ad, that means they don’t like what they see.

Ensure the details in your ad match, the intent of your keywords. As I said before, if somebody searching for green apples, you show them green apples and not red. I like a unique benefit of your product or service such as free shipping. The word free is the most powerful word you can use in your ad, the easiest, quickest, and the simplest way to improve your click-through it. People love free stuff. Everybody loves free delivery, free shipping of free and fast shipping, and so on. Put that in your ad and you will see that your CTR has improved. Then, you should also experiment with different call to action that connects closely with your landing page and you must have that call to action on the ad as well because you want them to take that action. You want them to point out what they need to do. So you can’t have click here on the ad that is against Google’s policies. So, what you can have is something like buy now sell, order now, browse, learn more, sign up, try download, get a free code and things like that and this is how just bye asking or changing the call to action on your ad will improve your CTR and you just want to be very specific in your ad text. Don’t make it very confusing for someone to think, okay, what is this ad offering me? It just needs to be, you know, crystal clear. It makes sense and it’s very easy for someone to read it and understand what you are trying to advertise.

4. Consider Updating Your Landing Page

The next one is to consider updating your landing page. So, when they click on the ad and they come through and you not getting the conversions or the results you are looking for and if your landing page experience has a status of below-average or average, then you need to do this because Google is looking at your landing page and then they will decide whether it is below average or above average. You want all of these three components for the quality score to be above average to get a higher quality score. Give people what they are looking for. You know, somebody searching for red apples, give them red apples and not green apples.

So, if somebody searching for flannel shirts and they click on your website for channel shares, the landing page they should go is for that flannel inventory and not on the category page of all of your shirts because you don’t want them to look around for the flannel shirts. You want them straight. you send them straight to the page for your product. Keep messaging consistent and I find that very few people do that from the ad to the landing page. So, if I search for flannel shirts that message or that product or that service needs to be on that landing page as well and that’s what we mean by keeping that consistency or what’s it called Ad sent from the ad to the landing page. Make sure the page follows through on the ads offer or call to action.

So, if you are promising a discount or a sale now on 50% off, you got to do that. Otherwise, people have read your ad. They are looking looking for that discount and that offer and when they come to the page, it’s not there, then they are likely to bounce off and you would have got a wasted click. So, even if you have no control over your site, You can still experiment to find the most useful existing pages. So, sometimes the client’s website, you don’t have much control over it. You then tell your client, look, I need to, you need to make these changes to reflect the ad copy on the ads try using conversion rate as a proxy for good landing page experience. If you got a good conversion rate, then you know that when they land on that landing page, you they it’s a good experience.

They are getting that’s why they are converting. If they are not converting, that means there is something wrong with that landing page. It doesn’t impact your landing pay status but it can be a good way for you to measure and optimize Nowadays, I don’t need to say this but it is important that you, well, it’s critical. It’s mobile-friendly. The majority of the traffic is on the mobile and you make sure that it works well. The navigation is really good and the page speed is lightning fast. So, ease of navigation is something users value and even more on mobile websites and improve the loading speed and don’t make those buttons very small or too close to each other because people with you know, thicker thumbs or fingers or bigger ones, find it very frustrating that when they try to click on something, something else gets clicked by mistake and what they what are they going? what they going to do is they going to bounce off if they can’t figure it out and they can’t click that right button. So, keep those navigation buttons or the link of that on those pages that go far apart.

5. Use Quality Score With Other Metrics

And now, the last one is to use quality score with other metrics. You look at other metrics in your account like CTR, conversion rate and site engagement can be time on site. Somebody scroll to the bottom of the page. How many pages per session there? They visited and these are the kind of engagement metrics which we look at if we are not getting any conversions or the conversion rates they connected to your performance and can help as you look for specific areas to improve. So, this will give you a lot of answers which you may be searching for. As you review your performance.

You can use the quality score as a filter to tell you where to focus your efforts. So, look through high-performing keywords and use the quality score to identify which ones may do even better which changes to your ads and landing pages and use low-quality scores and component status to find weaker trends for ad relevance, CTR, and landing page experience that might exist across your account and set long term plans to improve upon these.

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