In this blog post, you will learn how to improve your conversion rates with simple tips. Instead of buying more traffic, focus on increasing your conversion rate which will increase your ROI and profitability.

There are lots of factors that can influence conversion rates and you always need to be working on it, optimizing the Google Ads campaign so that you try to increase your conversion rates as much as possible. Because increasing the conversion rate will allow you to scale your Google Ads campaigns even more without having to spend more money on ads. So, here are a few of my tips for you.

1) AB Split Your Headline

Have two pages, one with headline one, another one with headline two. See which one works best. Split tests with a photo and a video, can also work. Or a different colour on the call to action (CTA) button. Have a blue button compared to an orange button and see which one works. So, always be A/B split testing your landing pages and your headlines and so on.

2) Simple Landing Page Layout

Keep the layout of your landing page. Very simple. Don’t have very complicated ones. Don’t have too much stuff on it. Keep things very simple. Remove the navigation bar because that causes confusion. 

Keeping your landing page layout simple and easy to navigate on there and what I mean by navigating is they’re not going from pages to pages but to get that information very quickly within a matter of seconds as to why they are there and what you want them to take that call to action if you want them to download the PDF, make a phone call. Sign up for your newsletter or to a lead generation form to make it super simple. And easy for them to do that.

3) Remove Unnecessary Fields From Form

Don’t have long forms. You want to minimize the form. If the information you need is absolutely necessary then yes you might have a form with 10 different fields. But the more fields or the boxes you have the lower the conversion rates are. So, keep your form filled to a minimum.

4) Add Social Proof, Testimonials, Case Studies

Add social proof, testimonials, customer case studies to your landing page and checkout page that will certainly increase your conversion rates because that builds trust.

5) Add A Live Chat

If you can afford it and you can have full-time staff manning it then have live chat on your website. It increases the interaction & conversions.

6) Strong & Clear CTA

And the last one is as I said earlier on is have a very strong and clear call to action.

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