With Google Adwords allows businesses to show their ads to their targeted audience who are likely to be interested in your business, brand, product or services. With online advertising, you can reach your targeted audience where they are – on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Google Adwords is the world’s biggest online advertising platform, you can take advantage of the benefits of promoting & marketing your business: show your ads to the right people in the right place and at the right time. Here are some benefits of how Google Adwords can help you and your business to generate more leads or sales:

Target Your Ads

Precise and exact targeting of ads gives you the ability to reach your audience with specific interests i.e people who are interested in your services or products and show them your ad with your relevant offer.

Google Adwords offers various ways of targeting your audience, here’s some ways of making your online ads & marketing campaigns very targeted:


Words or phrases relevant to your products or services, which are used to display your ads when customers search on Google or relevant websites.

Age, Location & Language

Choose the age of your audience, where you want the ads to show up i.e locally, nationally or internationally and choose the language your customers speak.

Days & Times

Show your ads only when you want to during certain times of the day or night. If you are a pizza parlour and are open from 5pm to 11pm, then you can run your ads during these times only.

Costs & Budgets

Google Adwords gives you total control over how you spend your money. You can choose how much you wish to spend per day or month. Google will only charge you when someone clicks your ad and visits your website, Google will not charge you for showing your ads (for CPC bidding).

It’s All About Conversions

With Google Adwords, you can see what is working and what is not. You can measure and see which keywords or ads are performing well and which ones aren’t. This allows you to switch budget/s from low performing campaigns, giving you a higher ROI.

Work With The Best

Google Partner

We are a fully certified Google Partner. This means Google trusts us to manage & run campaigns for our clients, we follow Google best practices and are customers are happy.
If you would like to get started for an Ad-venturous journey with Google Adwords and see how online advertising can work for your business, we have a £195 voucher from Google to get you started. This offer will expire soon so you’ll need to hurry to take advantage of this fantastic offer. Just call us on 01525 850795 or send an email to info@sfdigital.co.uk and we’ll get in touch.

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Uzair Kharawala is the Co-Founder at SF Digital. He is a Certified Google Partner, is a Cricket fanatic and loves Photography.
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