5 Top Tips For Business Headshots

Business Headshot Photography

New Year New Start? What are your hopes and aspirations for 2015? We hope that it is a good year for you and your career, and that this time next year you will be able to look back and celebrate the realisation of your visions and dreams.

In this day and age, an effective online presence is essential to get ahead in the business world. Whether you have your own business or are employed by others, you need to ensure that all the information about you online is up to date and positive. We are all aware of the need to guard our digital footprint and avoid inaccurate or unhelpful information being shared publicly, but so many of us do not do enough to promote ourselves positively online!

One thing that can really help to boost our online presence is a professional business headshot. It can be easy to dismiss this as not really important but we disagree strongly with that and want to give you five reasons why!

1. Put your best foot forward online. Prospective employers and clients will inevitably research you online. If 2015 is the year for an exciting new job or contract, you want to portray yourself in the best possible light and a high quality business headshot can help you do this.

Business Headshot Photography

2. Be who you are. A high quality business headshot is not formulaic but will capture the essence of who you really are: the you that people will want to do business with!

Business Headshot Photography

3. Show that you mean business. By investing in a high quality business headshot, you convey the message that your business life is important and that you are taking it seriously enough to invest in it.

Business Headshot Photography

4. Stand out from the crowd! Business headshots can be terribly boring and all begin to look the same. But with creative input from a  professional photographer, you can achieve a high quality result that puts the rest into the shadows.

Business Headshot Photography

5. Support other businesses. By having a high quality business headshot taken by a professional photographer, you are showing your respect and support for the skills and talents of another business professional rather than trying to cut corners by doing things yourself. This speaks of both quality and ethics to those who see it.

Business Headshot Photography Leighton Buzzard

Client Profile: Christie Paul Hair in Leighton Buzzard

The team at Christie Paul Hair needed a new set of headshots for their new website. The brief was to create clean & fresh look to the headshots to mirror their new website. We enjoyed creating these fab images for them and certainly enjoyed working with the team at Christie Paul!

SF Digital Studios is the leading portrait studios in Leighton Buzzard and we would be delighted to provide you with the high quality business headshot that is just right for you, for all the reasons mentioned above! Get in touch with us today to make 2015 your best career year yet!

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