YouTube Ads That Interrupt The Videos
April 3, 2020 2 days ago
  • Category: YouTube
  • Written by: Uzair Kharawala
Okay, so you’re talking about the Instream ad, which comes up when you play a video. You get the ads which are skippable after five seconds. And also these ads appear between the videos as well. My opinion is, they are...
Video Marketing: Shooting on Location
March 23, 2020 2 weeks ago
  • Category: YouTube
  • Written by: Uzair Kharawala
In this video, I’m in this incredible place in Hawaii called the Sharks Girl where we are doing a lot of video shooting using the drone and DJI Pocket Osmo. The content which we are creating in the video is a time-lapse...
Thank You! 10k YouTube Subscribers
February 24, 2020 1 month ago
  • Category: YouTube
  • Written by: Uzair Kharawala
I think this is the perfect venue to make this video. I’m at YouTube Space in London and I hope you can hear me well. There’s a lot of background noise over here, but I think I’ll take this opportunity to make...
Why 10k YouTube Subscribers?
February 19, 2020 2 months ago
  • Category: YouTube
  • Written by: Uzair Kharawala
If you ask any YouTuber what’s the magical number of subscribers they would like for their channel, the number you will get is 10,000. It’s always 10,000. Now, you may wonder why 10,00 – it’s because, when you...
My Video Kit
December 4, 2019 4 months ago
  • Category: General Photography Video YouTube
  • Written by: Sarah Ryan
Shooting on location means you need to have all of the equipment you need to create your videos. However, having all of my equipment with me in my video kit means that it can weigh a ton and it really slows me down. In this...
Video Creation Ideas
July 4, 2019 9 months ago
  • Category: Corporate Video YouTube
  • Written by: Uzair Kharawala
Video Creation Ideas In this video you will learn a simple way to create video content. If you host events, it is highly recommended that you video it. You can then re-use the video content and re-purpose it on your blog, social...