To get phenomenal results from your blog or social media posts, creating great content with amazing graphics is vital.

Getting your content and design right improves:

  • Consistent traffic and conversions to your pages
  • Easier translation of difficult concepts to your audience
  • Creation of real value hence increasing your customer base
  • Improvement in your search engine ranking

While you may have other priorities such as structuring your Google Ads campaigns, mastering the laid-out concepts below will set you off a long way. 

It’s all about the appeal to the customer and the ease of execution for you. Watch this video to understand the efficient way to go around it. Ultimately, this will help you get ahead of the game as far as content creation and design goes. 

Getting Ideas For Content Creation

Establishing authentic ideas that are well-mastered is, needless to say, quite a cumbersome process, especially if you plan to remain relevant in the foreseeable future. But with the right content, you can almost be sure to have hungry consumers flocking on your site.

Three of our top-recommended sources for ideas are:

  1. Answer the public

You stand to gain ultra-useful phrases, topics, and keywords, based on raw insights from consumers. Ultimately, you can tailor everything into your platform to provide suitable content. 

  1. Quora

Contrary to the previous tool, this hub gives you a first-hand view of what users need through a well-structured question and answer platform. Your interested niche should help you understand the dynamics involved and help you work on delivering right.

  1. BuzzSumo

To discover the best outreach opportunities and engagements across social searches, you could opt-in on this cloud-based platform. In the end, you will know what is trending, depending on the relevance of your brand. 

After identifying the appropriate ideas and digging deep to unearth the necessary keyword phrases, you can comfortably start thinking about your design.

Designing With Canva

With so many design options in the market, you should strive to get a reliable method without reinventing the wheel. Canva for beginners is effective because it minimises workload and guarantees compact designs regardless of your proficiency. 

Here’s how you can go from zero to hero when designing with Canva. 

  1. Identifying Templates

Visuals are everything in design: This is a no-brainer. If you are working on varying platforms, you certainly need tailor-made outlines for each audience. On Canva, you can have access to some of the most appealing templates, catering to all types of business needs and models. 

From the 8,000 plus available templates, you can get your design across all social media platforms, websites, YouTube channels, and anything else that has a hint of media. As we have instructed in our instructional video, the process is as easy as making a single search on the design tab. Easy enough, right?

  1. Editing and Design Options

One of the things you will love about designing with Canva is the level of autonomy it gives. You have complete liberty to structure each element as you wish while retaining control of the size options. Imagine how easy it would be to create your Google Ads designs, posters, logos, and anything else that needs attention to detail.

All you need to do is access the left pane of your Canva design screen, where you will find the elements, layouts, text, and background options. Then you can tweak away comfortably. If you are a new or aspiring content creator, you will enjoy this level of dynamism.

  1. Collaboration and Flexibility

It is also vital to take note of the collaboration options available. You can effortlessly work with teams on Canva by creating and defining the parameters within a team. First, you need to navigate to the Teams section on the left panel of the dashboard. From the Teams panel, you can follow the easy prompts and set everything up. Also, you can manage permissions and control sharing. Besides sharing content in real-time, you can enforce branding rules and maintain specific themes to avoid straying from the envisioned final product. 

With additional flexibility, you can opt to work on your phone or PC without compromising on quality.

The best thing about creating and designing is that you get to decide what you want and transform it into an enticing product, with the help of some creativity and these readily available tools. As a whole, this process is simple, effective, and most importantly, easy to adapt.

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