A Guide About Cool Transitions On TikTok

Creativity and originality play an essential role in creating a great video and attracting many viewers. Therefore, the ability to create unusual transitions between frames will come to the rescue. Usually, these are the videos that attract attention. And how to do it? Let’s find out!

A Guide About Cool Transitions On TikTok

Melting transition: what is it?

You can add different effects for videos using applications in a few minutes to improve the content. Therefore, you should take advantage of this opportunity since it already exists. Here’s a quick guide for you:

  1. Open TikTok editing App.
  2. Move several videos directly into the editor that you want to use for content creation.
  3. Place the clips on the dedicated timeline below.
  4. Select the first clip and go to the “Effects” tab.
  5. Browse through all the possible effects and find one called Dissolve. Do this step by step, first with one video piece, then with the second.
  6. Review the result and, if necessary, adjust the duration of the applied effect. This will allow you to achieve the best result.

The steps are quite simple and if you have any questions, you can return to our guide. If you try several times, it should turn out better each time. After editing, you can safely download the finished material without losing quality and add it directly to TikTok for quick publication.

Advice from the professionals! Try combining the dissolve effect with scaling to make the transition look even more impressive. Such additional maneuvers will make the content more interesting, and video editing apps will help with this.

For example, in Vjump the number of filters is constantly updated so that there is always something new and opportunities to experiment. So feel free to test this feature to attract viewers to your work and content.

Alternative apps for video editing

In addition to Vjump, other applications allow you to create a melting transition effect:

  • TikTok video editor InShot offers various transitions, including the Dissolve effect. Creating a transition in InShot is very similar to the one described above.
  • The Best TikTok editing App, VN, allows you to create transitions and add various elements to them, such as text or stickers. This makes it possible to create truly unique and creative transitions.

Of course, you can try other options; it all depends on your ideas. It’s best to experiment and practice. Make a couple of videos in different styles and see how the audience reacts. If the views are growing and the content is replenished with comments, you are on the right track. Make cool intros and funny descriptions, and your video will definitely be remembered in the TiTok application.

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