Creating A Google Ad Campaign: In-House or Agency?

When you start thinking about creating a Google Ad campaign, one of the questions that you may ask yourself is whether to do the work internally or hire an agency.

There are a number of benefits to both options and in this video, I will set out some of the pros and cons.

Hiring An Agency

A digital marketing agency, like SF Digital, can be particularly useful if you have no prior Google Ads experience, if you don’t have the time or confidence to manage campaigns, or if your campaigns have grown in complexity and size and you need expert help to manage them.

The important thing is to choose an agency that learns about your goals, focuses on traffic quality and has a price-model that fits your budget.


Dealing with your Google Ads campaign internally puts your team in direct control of your brand and message. You will be able to communicate almost instantaneously with the team and can be assured that they are solely dedicated to your campaign. It also saves you the cost of an agency, although you will still have to factor in the salaries of your team.

Having said that, in-house teams can lack the dedicated resources and integrated tools that a well-established agency will have.

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