Are you looking for some effective ways to run text ads that can help you target the maximum audience? Do you want excellent tools and techniques to run ad campaigns successfully on Google?

Today I talked with Sophia to help you with text ads and how you can quickly set up the Google text ads with the Data Feed Watch. She is a text ads expert and has successfully helped dozens of clients by running their Google product or service text ads.

Currently, she is working at DataFeedWatch as a Google Text Ads product manager, managing the Google text ads service there.

In this blog post, you will learn some initial steps about setting up Google text ads with the Data Feed Watch and the benefits of using Data Feed Watch to make impressive text ads.

So let’s get straight into it!

What Is A Data Feed Watch?

Well, if you have a lot of products in your store and want to advertise them through text ads, you can simply do it by creating a product data feed. Data Feed Watch allows you to provide well-structured and updated information related to your products.

Moreover, Data Feed Watch allows you to use any feed with it. So, you can easily create a product feed for products and services that cannot advertise on the google shopping feed.

Using Data Feed Watch saves you from the trouble of creating Google text or shopping ads manually. You can create and manage Google Ads automatically with Data Feed Watch.

As Sophia told us, shopping and text ads can co-exist. Using both ads can help your business grow, especially if you are working in the e-commerce section. But with shopping ads, you can just send custom labels, zero to five, and not much information.

Now, we will go into details about how to set up Google text ads with Data Feed Watch.

How To Set Up Google Text Ads With Data Feed Watch And How It Works?

Setting up text ads with Data Feed Watch is quickly done in 3 simple steps. To make it easy for you, we’ve listed the steps below:

  • First, open any searching browser and go to the official channel page. You will see a sidebar, click on it and select the text ads option. Check all the available plans and pick accordingly. Only the products present in your feed matter in choosing a plan.
  • Next, make sure to create a fast-working and adequate product feed that can boost all your text ads campaigns.
  • Now, start with the ads campaign creation process using the information in your feed.

Sophia creates text ads for clients that are Google-based as she is using the Google API. You can also use this method to shift all the text ad campaigns to your Google Ads account.

Google API helps in generating text ads automatically, and then it quickly goes to your Google Ads account. Sophia also introduced us to a keyword creation method called truncation.

Truncation works automatically and creates various long tail and short tail keywords cutting the information in the feed. These keywords target the desired audience. The title, description, and other information in the feed also help in generating on-point keywords and text ads.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Google Text Ads With Data Feed Watch?

Sophia shared that creating text ad campaigns is very easy. But, it also depends upon the type of feed. If the feed is good, you don’t have to do a lot of work. Above all, the feed will grab all the information, and you can start with the ad creation process.

If the feed isn’t good enough, then there are many things to do. Data Feed Watch is a feed optimisation company, and using it gives you the below-discussed benefits:

No Manual Work

The most exciting benefit of creating text ads with the Data Feed Watch is that the system doesn’t need manual instructions. Once you enter the information in the feed, the texts will get started automatically.

So you don’t have to worry about the keyword research method, too, as it helps you create thousands of ads and product keywords within minimum time.

Get Rid Of Out Of Stock Products

The data feed helps you in filtering the products. Before, the sellers and merchants used to worry about declining sales due to the unavailability of products, but now the feed filters the unavailable products automatically.

Sounds interesting?

This also allows you to save the money you spent on advertising the unavailable products. So now you can invest that money in other products to increase sales.

On-Point Keywords And Text Ads

By Data Feed Watch, you can create unique keywords and text ads that will target the right audience. Keywords and ads for thousands of products within minutes are this feed’s key benefits.

Frequent Campaign Updates

Campaigns update is essential as they let you interact more with the audience. Sophia shared how creating unique campaigns for 200,000 products is hard and takes a lot of time. So the campaign update time is also essential.

In this feed, the campaigns are refreshing every six hours, which means you are getting updated product information. This entertains the customers a lot and helps you in getting better ROI.

Why Creating Google Text Ads With Data Feed Watch Is Good?

So now you know how to set up Google text ads with the Data Feed Watch, you must also want to know its importance. When you create or set up Google text ads with Data Feed Watch, your campaigns get updated frequently.

Not to mention, feed-driven text ads work best for plumbers and other service providers. So you can share more information with the customers or people looking for services. Using zip codes is quite complicated, but accurate information in-text ads campaign helps you achieve this.

Above all, the keywords and campaigns refreshing every six hours mean more clients will reach out to you.

How Text Ads Help E-commerce?

Text ads are an excellent way of sharing information with potential customers. What’s best? Shopping ads limit you in providing information, but text ads are different. Moreover, you can give your address, the details of product or service availability, location, etc., in Google text ads.

In e-commerce, it is very hectic to enter manual data about each product. But no worries! Data Feed Watch saves you from this as it creates perfect product text ad campaigns using feed information.

You can also add some of your sales performance in the text. It enhances people’s trust in your brand and makes you a credible seller.

The automatic keywords and campaign updating feature using feed information helps many e-commerce sellers. According to Sophia, many sellers reported growth in their business and performance sales with feed-driven text ad campaigns.

Although it helps you increase your e-commerce sale, as Sophia said, people other than e-commerce sellers can also benefit from feed-driven text ads.

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