In this guide, we show three different ways dentists can improve their Google Ads Campaign on the Google Ads platform, along with a few hints and tips to make your account more effectively.

How can Google Ads work for your Dental Practice?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click ad platform that drives businesses to the top of the Google search page, boosting traffic and conversions.

As a dental practice, this kind of traffic is key to your business and every bit of exposure is important for building your brand and customer database. Studies show that 98% of searchers choose a business from the first page of results. So boosting your business website to the front page of Google is key.

There are three different ways you can use Google Ads to optimise your dental business;

Improve Targeted Keyword Search

Targeted keywords are super important in the dental sector since a lot of patients and users will be searching for something specific and may need a solution quickly and efficiently.

Being able to target your potential patients and be at the top of the Google search page will benefit your business and put your brand above the rest of your competitors. This is especially important if your dental practice does not organically appear on the first result search page.

If you’re on a budget with your search campaign, being savvy with which keywords to choose and bid on, is super important. You’ll need to know exactly who you want to target and for which needs.

To minimise costs, the best thing to do is to market specific services to as narrow of a group of people as you can target.

Increase Local Search

As you may know, if you are familiar with Google Ads campaigns, the platform lets you run ads for a specific location.

You can add your business and your customers will know your exact location. You can even set a radius from a certain location, for example, your dental practice.    

Learn More About Your Patients

Other than actually promoting your business through Google Ads, Google also offers a large amount of stats and demographics about your customers and consumers.

With the Google Ads dashboard, you are able to view all of your metrics on keywords that; perform the best, their success rates and the types of devices people are using to find your ads.

This type of information, helps you, as a business, to get into the patients’ mindset and learn their search habits. So now you have that information, you can use this data to improve your ad campaign on Google Ads but also boost SEO.

Here is a list of Google Ads Best Practices that will work for any business model and search campaign:

  1. Optimise Keywords
  2. Connect Your Location and Contact Info
  3. Optimise Landing Pages
  4. Run A/B Tests
  5. Learn the Ins and Outs of the Platform
  6. Check in Frequently

That’s our handy guide on how to optimise your Google Ads search campaign for your dental practice. We hope you’ve found it informative and don’t forget to check out our other blogs.

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