Engagement Ads by Google

Want to captivate your audience with rich & creative advertising which is tuned and optimised to user engagement  instead of clicks. Then here’s an innovative way we can bring together the art of brand building with the science of digital marketing. Engagement Ads captivate consumers with a rich & creative message and helps you find new customers who are interested in your products, services or brand message. Users are 10 times more likely to engage with these ads than to click on a standard display ad.

Lightbox Ads bring full-screen rich creative formats , helping engage consumers with your brand’s story. Beginning in standard, scalable ad units, they seamlessly expand into a near full-screen canvas that supports full rich-media capabilities including embedding of a  YouTube video, images or shopping experience which grabs your customer’s attention.

We can help you create a high quality promotional video and then set up your Engagement Ad campaign to take your message, product or brand on Google. To get started, just click here and fill the form, we’ll get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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