Everything We Know About Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

First things first, what is Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns?

It is a brand new campaign type within the Google Ads platform that enhances your brand performance across all the Google inventory, using machine learning.

Since it uses machine learning, you provide the assets and your marketing goals and Performance Max will do the rest for you, calculating the best times to boost ads towards the right audience for you. After providing Google Ads with your asset bank, Google’s Smart Bidding will start to process across multiple platforms, based on your goals.

What are the main benefits of using Performance Max Campaigns?

1.    More focus time on strategy

Since Google Ads does all the hard work for your campaign, you’re free to use that time on other ad planning and optimisation, like improving and making more creative assets.

2.    Better performance

Performance Max Campaigns uses the best machine learning and attribution technology to find your audience and customers at the right time with the best ad for them, increasing your campaign performance.

3.    Goal-focused campaign

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns puts your marketing goals to the forefront of your campaign as the main performance target. So based on your specific goals, Google Ads machine learning will find the right customers for you.

How to use Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns:

1.    Launch your Google Ads Campaign

When creating a Performance Max campaign, you need to decide what your marketing objective is; ‘Sales’, ‘Leads’ or ‘Local store visits and promotions’.

2.    Select the settings for your campaign and upload your creative assets

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

3.    Select the goals that Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns should target

Keep your goals within Performance Max the same as your other Google Ads campaigns as it will be easier to compare performances between them. Google Ads Performance Max will automatically maximise conversion volume within your goals unless you state that one goal is more important than the others.

Other features Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns has:

1.    URL Expansion:

In simple terms, this feature selects the right landing page for your goal, with the customer intent in mind.

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns is created and designed to push forward maximum performance (it’s in the name) and uses this URL expansion feature to pick the most effective landing page for your audience.

2.    Asset Group & Ad Strength

This is where all your creative assets come in, from images to video, Performance Max Campaigns will assemble them so they fit your customers and your specific campaign goals.

Here is a checklist of best practices so you can keep your campaign running fully optimized:

  • Use as many assets as possible
    • Five versions of text assets
    • Five versions of image assets
  • Run the duration of the campaign for at least 6 weeks for enough data to compare

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