Free Marketing Audit: Expand Your Business Globally

We are excited to announce a fantastic opportunity for businesses in Central Bedfordshire. Thanks to our partnership with the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, we are offering a 100% funded marketing audit to help local businesses go international.

What is the Free Marketing Audit?

The marketing audit is a comprehensive review of your current marketing strategies, online presence, and market positioning. It identifies your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This in-depth analysis forms the foundation for the Action Blueprint, a strategic plan designed to boost your business.

Who Can Benefit?

Sole Traders with Service-Based Businesses

If you are a sole trader offering services like IT consultancy, accountancy, or software development, this audit will help you amplify your online presence and attract high-value clients. You will gain clarity on your target audience and optimise your digital marketing strategies to showcase your expertise.

Product Manufacturers

Manufacturers looking to expand their market reach and increase sales can benefit greatly. The audit provides essential insights and strategies to help you penetrate new markets and drive product demand. You will learn how to optimise your distribution channels and enhance your product positioning.

Large National Businesses

For large national businesses aiming to conquer international markets, this audit will help you understand the complexities of international business. From market research to localisation strategies, you will learn how to tailor your marketing approach to diverse markets.

Retailers with Online and Offline Presence

Retailers operating both online and offline stores can optimise their omni-channel marketing strategy. The audit offers a comprehensive assessment of your current efforts and provides actionable recommendations to enhance your presence across all channels.

Why Should You Consider This Opportunity?

Expanding your business internationally can open up new markets and opportunities for growth. The marketing audit will provide you with valuable insights into your target audience, competitor landscape, and industry trends. The Action Blueprint will translate these insights into actionable recommendations and strategies, empowering you to achieve your business goals.

Don’t miss out on this chance to propel your business onto the global stage. Take advantage of this exclusive initiative and unlock the full potential of your products or services for export. Get started today and take the first step towards expanding your business globally with our Free Marketing Audit.

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