Here’s a free Google Analytics video course which shows you how to ‘Discover Where Your Most Profitable Clients Come From’.

You work hard and spend your hard earned cash to drive visitors and traffic to your website. But do you know how they interact or engage on your website. Do they take the call-to-action you want them to take? How long are they staying on your website, how many pages they look at before they bounce off! All this critical information and much more is available to analyse using a free tool from Google called Google Analytics. All you need to do is embed a little tag on your website and Google Analytics starts to track the visitor activities on your website.
Free Google Analytics Video Course

Why You ‘Must’ Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a 100% free tool by Google which is used only by 18% of small to medium sized businesses. Google Analytics lets you do more than just measure sales & conversions. It gives you insights into how visitors find and use your website, and how to keep them coming back. You will get a complete picture of your audience and their needs. Track the routes people take to reach your website and the devices they use to get there and then tailor your marketing and site content for maximum impact & conversions.

During The Free Video Course

You will learn the basics of digital marketing and how you can improve user engagement by analysing the visitor activity and then optimising or making changes on your website to improve performance and return on investment. You’ll discover:

  • how to set up your Google Analytics account.
  • What are micro & macro conversions.
  • Acquisition, Behaviour & Conversions.
  • How to set up your ‘Goals’ on your website.
  • How to calculate your lead conversion rate…. automatically!
  • Discover how ‘Intelligent KPI Dashboards’ can help you grow your business.


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Uzair Kharawala is the Co-Founder at SF Digital. He is a Certified Google Partner, is a Cricket fanatic and loves Photography.
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