Google Ads Bid Strategy Report

Google Ads Bid Strategy Report

Did you know that you can check out your bid strategy report to see some of the signals that are more or less likely to drive conversions in your Google Ads campaign?

The smart bidding strategies that Google use have a range of signals that inform bids at each auction. Recently, they have started revealing which signals are driving the most performance so that advertisers can optimize their bids to increase conversions.

Top Signals

These signals will tell you the location, day of week, time of day, keywords, customer match lists, remarketing and even the device type that the customer used. Signals shown in green are more likely to convert, whereas those in red are less likely.

Where To Find Signals

The top signals can be found in the Google Ads bid strategy reports. To find this, go to Tools > Shared Library > Bid Strategies. From there you can select a portfolio strategy to see the results with different scenarios.

This information can be important because it gives you more insights into your target customers and inform your bidding strategy.

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