The question I’ve been sent is My website gets too many clicks from Google Ads, but just a few people call me. So I guess your call to action is for people to call you or your business. So there may be a few things which you need to look at and tweak.

First of all, you said you get too many clicks. How many are too many? Because quite often what I see is after a handful of clicks, maybe 20, 30 clicks, you know, most people think that they’ve wasted a lot of money. You need to test to see what’s happening and what’s not happening. And without spending some money testing it, you will never know the answer. So you have to go through that phase. The other thing which I would say is what match type you are using for keywords. If you are using a broad match that’s too broad, then you need to tighten it a bit.

And maybe use exact match, broad modified or phrase. Are you using negative keywords or not? That’s also extremely important that you use negative keywords quite aggressively. And you also need to look at your landing page experience. Does your ad and the landing page match together. Is it the same message of what you’re promising on the ad and what you’re offering on the landing page? They’ve got to be the same, so it’s called the ads sent.

They need to be really tightly knitted as to what somebody was searching for and when they land on the landing page, they get the same offer. Another thing which you need to look at is if you want to get people to call you, is the call to action button or the call button above the fold. And what I mean by that is without scrolling down the page, that button should be very visible and it should be easy for someone to click on it.

Quite often I find the mobile website is extremely slow to load up and that could mean that your visitors to your website are bouncing off and not taking that call to action which you may need to take. So check out your mobile page speed because that’s where you’re going to get the calls from. And lastly, you need to make sure that you’ve got your call tracking set up properly. Obviously that does not make your conversions go up, but you must track your calls as to what is your conversion rates. So you can then scale up your campaigns.

So hope this answers your question and thanks for sending in. If you have any questions, please feel free to send it across to and I’ll do my best to create a little video like this for you. Thanks for joining in. Bye for now.

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