Google Ads Combined Audience

Did you know that by using affinity, in-marketing, re-targeting and other audiences together in your campaign you can create a Google Ads combined audience that targets your ideal audience?

Hello, I’m Uzair and thanks for joining in. In this video, I am going to talk you through the Google Ads Combined Audience feature.

Google Ads has now launched its Combined Audiences Option when setting up your campaign to allow you to build a more specific, layered audience to target. You can build a persona for your ideal customer by combining demographic, in-market and affinity elements.

How To Use

Within the Audiences page, you should click to add a new audience and select “Combined Audiences” from the dropdown menu. The audience builder will then pop-up and you can select the characteristics of your ideal customer within the demographics offered. This includes age, interests, life events, remarketing lists and a lot more.

Your combined audience must contain at least 1,o00 people, for privacy reasons and if it falls below this, Google will pause the campaign.

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