As per the latest announcement by Google, the Customer Match is widely available. In addition to that, it offers its users a robust tool through which they can identify all the problems with its tool.

With a $50,000 lifetime spend and more, the company is giving access to all the policy-compliant advertisers. The revolutionary tool allows you to access particular segments of your customer base to give them a custom message at the appropriate time. It is possible by uploading first-party customer data, which Google matches against the users. With Customer Match, you can use first-party data to give Google a comprehensive idea about your existing customers beyond its understanding.

Now, more advertisers can access Customer Match since May 2021. However, with time, other users can open up Customer Match, such as:

  • Users who have a policy-compliant history of almost 90 days in Google Ads and a lifetime spend of more than $50,000 can use Customer Match with similar audiences to evaluate the performance, make changes to the bid for their audiences, target their audience, and exclude the audience from their campaigns.
  • Users with policy-compliant accounts have access to Customer Match, and they can use the tool to evaluate performance and exclude audiences from their campaigns.

To give you a better insight into what features are available to which users, here is a table that can help you understand it:

Features of Customer Match Available All Policy Complaints Accounts Accounts that have a Lifetime Spend of more than $50,000 and Policy Complaints History of more than 90 Days in Google Ads
“Observation” SettingYESYES
Manual Bid AdjustmentsNOYES
“Targeting” SettingNOYES
Similar Audiences for Customer MatchYES (in Exclusions and “Observation setting”)YES
  • Observation setting: Give customers a unique experience on your Customer Match lists who might have interests in other products or services you are offering. Also, it is vital to note that in case you are using Smart Bidding, the Smart Bidding strategies will be utilising the Customer Match lists, which you include under the “Observation” setting.
  • Manual Bid Adjustments: Adjust bids to place high bids for users who purchase from you regularly.
  • Targeting Setting: Giving your customers recommendations about your other services or products after they have purchased from you.
  • Exclusions: Rule out all those customers who purchased from you recently, but the chances of buying from you again are very slim.
  • Similar Audiences for Customer Match: Target audiences that have the same preferences and characteristics as your current buyers.

In addition to this, Google Ads gives a preview tool that allows you to see any problems with the formatting. It also gives you relevant suggestions and fixes that you can make directly in the interface.

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