Google Ads Editor has historically been one of Google’s most loved advertising products. So what is it about Google Ads Editor that makes it so popular?

Here are my 10 favorite things about the new Google Ads Editor:

10. Search Functionality

We know that Google is an expert when it comes to the ability to search for content. The new Google Ads Editor allows you to use their search functionality to find your campaigns and settings really quickly.

9. Built-In Custom Rules

Now applying to more campaigns, custom rules will provide helpful reminders to improve your extensions, fix non-serving ads and resolve other issues. Previously, these only applied to Enabled campaigns, but now they can also be applied to paused, pending and draft campaigns.

8. Easy to Manage Video Campaigns

With their amendments to video campaigns, you can now manage non-skippable video ads, apply Target CPM bidding to both campaigns ad groups, create bumper ads and ad groups in standard video campaigns and add call-to-actions within your TrueView in-stream ads.

7. Call Ads Simplified

Within call ads, message extensions are now fully supported, so you can use additional lines of texts to provide more information before people call you. Account-level call reporting also came out recently which is now available to use.

6. Managing Smart Bidding

The editor will now show you a recommended CPA target when you are managing your Smart Bidding. This helps you to set the right target to make your automated bidding more effective. You also have the ability now to manage to maximise conversions bidding for all campaigns.

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