As one of Google’s most loved products, Google Ads Editor has undergone some serious revamp.

In part 2 of this article, I continue my countdown of my 10 favorite things about the new Google Ads Editor:

5. Complete Cross-Account Management

From one single window, you can now access all of your accounts and make changes to them at the same time. The editor allows this even if the accounts are held in different MCCs. This is a really important time-saving addition for anyone who manages accounts across different countries.

4. Recommended Daily Budgets

For many accounts, the average daily budgets will be an important metric. A properly allocated budget helps you to make sure that you are not losing out on impressions. By adding in a “Recommended Budget” column, this will help you to set your campaign up.

3. Warnings About Under-Performing Ads

When you upload a set of ads, Google Ads Editor will warn you about any ads that aren’t utilising all of the headlines and description boxes.

2. Edit Panel’s Location

Whilst only a minor change, the edit panel has been relocated from the bottom of the screen to the right-hand side. This makes it easier to make changes whilst still reviewing information on the left.

1. New Look

The new look of the Google Ads Editor tool is fantastic. It is sleek and makes reading and reviewing information much easier and intuitive.

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