Google Ads Editor Tutorial

What is Google Ads Editor?

Google Ads Editor is a free tool for managing your Google Ads campaigns to get the very best out of your ad setup  – it’s easy to use and once you’ve downloaded the app, you can even make changes offline and then re-upload to Google Ads.

Google Ads Editor is also a great way to make multiple changes in bulk, saving you valuable time and making it even easier to manage multiple campaigns with just a few clicks.

How Can You Use Google Ads Editor For Your Business?

Anyone wanting to advertise on Google regardless of budget size can use Google Ads Editor, but it really does come into its own when setting up multiple campaigns and/ or if you have long lists of keywords or ads that would just be too painful to update manually.

You will be able to do the following tasks within minutes:

  1. Make multiple changes quickly by using bulk editing tools 
  2. Export and import files to make changes to an account or share proposals
  3. View campaign statistics
  4. Manage, edit, and view multiple accounts at the same time
  5. Search and replace text across campaigns or ad groups
  6. Copy and/or move items between campaigns or ad groups 
  7. Undo and redo multiple changes whilst editing campaigns
  8. Make changes in draft form before uploading to your account

If you haven’t really used Google Ads Editor before, we would highly recommend that you dedicate some time to looking into this invaluable tool and learn how to unlock its power to better, faster campaigns to really help you and your business.

Tip: If you have been using Google Ads Editor for a while, make sure you download the latest version to get all the latest benefits from Google.

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