Google Ads for Restaurants – Is Google Ads Worth It For Restaurants?

Are you planning to run a Google Ads campaign for your restaurant? Here are some of the pro tips to help you increase new customer leads and increase repeat visits.

Yes, 100%. Your brand and business will benefit from using Google Ads. If you’re a local business wanting to use Google Ads, we suggest building your brand first and then start a Google Ads campaign.

How to Build Your Brand

You want the local residents to know who you are and what your brand is about. The way to build up your brand is through search campaigns, remarketing campaigns, display campaigns and video campaigns. Display campaigns and video campaigns are probably the most important ones out of the bunch because it’s not intent-based, not disrupting somebody’s online surfing or searching. When your ads pop up during a video or before a video, the audience in the local vicinity and area will get to know your brand and business.

Once the users know your brand and what you do, they are more than likely going to go to Google and search for your business. When you start to get a search made for your brand name, you know that your brand awareness campaigns are working. We recommend starting with search ads, display and video ads and remarketing.

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