As many of you will know our business started in 2002 as a photography business and we’ve done hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings and family portrait sessions. As our business evolved over the years into the digital marketing business that it is today, we no longer offer our services as social photographers, but we certainly understand the wedding photography niche extremely well and always try to still support the wedding photography industry with our marketing expertise.

In this video you will learn how to set up a Google Ads campaign, using the wedding photography niche to show how to create and search hundreds of relevant keywords within minutes:

Creating A Google Ads Campaign

A campaign is a set of related ad groups that you can use to organise the products and services you offer into relevant categories. 

Every campaign is focused on a specific goal that matches what you would like to achieve from your campaigns, such as email subscriptions, more sales or increased website traffic. The first thing you will need to do is create at least one campaign for your business and you can then create ads in your Google Ads account.

Get started…

We’d recommend that you spend a little time learning about the different campaign types so that you can pick the most effective campaign for your business and its goals.

You should always remember that campaigns are created around a goal, so it’s important that your ads give the features and settings that will help your customers to take the right action. All campaign settings and features will be available to you regardless of which goals you choose, and you can always make changes to your goals as you make adjustments based on the results you are getting.

Your campaign type will determine where your potential customers will see your ads and the settings and options available to you. For example, if you’d like to create a Search Network campaign aimed at the Display Network, you can select “Search” as your campaign type, then add the Display Network in your network setting.

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