I’m often asked, “which is my favorite keyword match type for Google ads?”

I don’t really have a favourite and it depends on how the campaign structure has been set up. As you may know from my previous articles, there are four match types.

These are the broad match phrase match, broad modified, exact match and the negative keywords. If somebody was going to ask me, what is my favorite one and I had to choose one, I would probably say the negatives, because negatives are the ones which will make you the most money. They cut out all the wasted spend, the element clicks and do not let your keywords you add show up for the irrelevant systems. So yeah, negative keywords would be my favorite ones. But after that, the ones which I use mostly for my campaigns for Google ads is the broad modified match and the exact match.

I don’t use broad match at all – the phrase match. I would also recommend that you don’t use a broad match because that really is too broad and you are going to waste pretty much all of your budgets. You’re going to get all the clicks, lots of clicks, but they won’t be relevant. They won’t convert, and eventually, you will get frustrated and you will probably stop or pause your ads.

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