Google Ads have made some big updates & changes recently. Let’s take a look at some of the latest Google Ads updates of 2021 and what they mean to you and your business.

Google Ads like everything else changes regularly. They keep on adding new features and new things in there and quite often it is a bit of a struggle to keep on top of all the new changes which are happening in the world of Google Ads. So, here are some of the latest things which have been happening.

Performance Max Campaign – May 2021

The performance max campaign they announced in May 2021 of this year. This is a new type of ad where you’ll be able to run, search, display, video, campaigns just from one campaign. So, that’s quite interesting. It will be released very soon to everyone. 

Video Action Campaigns – June 2021

Upgrade video action campaigns to achieve greater results. This was announced in June of this year. 

Optimization Scores To Video Action Campaigns – June 2021

We now have optimization scores for video action campaigns.

Google Ads Video Ads Extensions – June 2021

Video ads extensions are now available globally and if you are running video ads and video campaigns I would highly recommend that you start to use extensions with them.

Google Ads Image Extensions – May 2021

And finally, this is one of my favourites which is the image extensions for search ads. So what you can do now is instead of just having text ads. You can also put in a product photo, your logo, possibly your headshot and your search ads as part of your search ads using these image ads extensions.

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