Google has just announced that they are making some key changes to the way that they report conversions within Google Ads. 

This new Conversion by time reporting allows website owners to view conversions on the days they occur rather than the date the user clicks on the advert.

Previously, Google Ads has reported conversions as happening on the day that the advert was clicked on, even if the conversion happened several days afterwards. Within the conversion report, there are now six new columns:

Conversions (by conversion time)

Conversion Value (by conversion time)

Value / Conversion (by conversion time)

All conversions (by conversion time)

All conversions value (by conversion time)

Value / All Conversions (by conversion time)

So, for example, if a customer clicks on your advert on a Tuesday and buys a product on a Friday, the old reporting tools would have registered this conversion as a Tuesday based on the day they clicked on the ad. The new reporting tools will record the sale for Friday when the sale actually happened.

Why is this important?

This gives website owners even more information about how well your Google ad campaign is performing and how effectively the ads are converting. The new tools make it much easier to review the data from Google against your internal sales reports to see how many products were sold in each given time period.

Their new columns were launched on 18th October 2019 and are active now, so you will have access to this information on your Google ad campaigns today. 

If you would like to find out more about Google Ad conversion reporting and how you can use this in your business, then please contact me for a free consultation today.

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