Google Ads Not Running? Don’t worry. In this blog post, I’ll talk through the reasons why your Google Ads are not running properly and how you can make them show up on the Google search page!

Here are some typical reasons why your Google Ads aren’t showing up when you search:


Google Ads Billing

There could be a problem with the billing so check your payment method to ensure any payments have gone through. If there are any issues with your Google account, you’ll get a little red warning along the top of your account that will explain how to fix the problem. Sometimes it could be something as simple as an expired credit card that’s stopped a payment from being made. So, the first thing to check before anything else is the billing.

Ads disapproved

Google Ads Disapproved

If there’s still a problem, you next need to look at your ads. You might find that for some reason they have been disapproved. Now, there may be several reasons why they disapprove, even if they have been running successfully before. Let’s say your website had a problem, your servers had some problems or issues, or your website was down for some time. Google ads keep looking at the URL because they want to make sure that when somebody clicks on the ad, they go to a live page and not to a page that doesn’t exist. After all, that doesn’t give a great user experience and Google then assumes the ad will continue to send users to places where there’s nothing. So, they make sure that that doesn’t happen by monitoring any problems so your ads will stop running when necessary.

Bids not high enough

Bids not high enough

Now you need to move on to look at your bidding to make sure bids are high enough. If the bid isn’t high enough, it means you’re not competitive enough. If that’s the case, you’ll need to keep bidding high. How high will depend on the ads you’re running. Look at the level of competition in your niche and your competitors are bidding very aggressively, then you’ll need to be very aggressive too to get results. I would try increasing by 25% at a time to see what happens. And if it still doesn’t run, increase it in increments until they do.

Targeting/audiences to narrow

Targeting/audiences to narrow

Quite often the targeting or the audiences chosen are too narrow especially on Google, display network and YouTube. So, if that is the case, then you need to broaden your targeting and the audiences to make sure that you have got enough leeway to run these ads. On the search network, it may well be that there is hardly anyone searching for the keyword you are targeting and it’s got a very low keyword search volume.

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