Google Ads Performance Max campaigns are the new way to promote your business online. A result-oriented ad campaign gives you 100% performance using machine learning. It analyses your business objectives and hunt and targets the right audience, so it means the right people are watching your ads.

This shows how lucrative Google Ads Performance Max campaigns would be if practised correctly. And to help you with that, we’ve top-listed the most potential ad practices to give a massive shot to your ad campaign.

Coming up next, we will talk about all the Google Ads Performance Max best practices to help with your campaign journey.

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What Are Google Ads Performance Max Best Practices?

The Google Ads Performance Max campaign from Google is an AI-powered automated marketing campaign. You no longer need to run many commercials to achieve your objectives; instead, a Performance Max ad campaign will prefer to do so independently.

It’s a dynamic ad campaign that distributes your ads across all platforms, including Discover, Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Maps. Before starting running it, you must first create a goal and business objectives.

Google Ads Performance Max Best Practices To Do

Here are some of the basic practices to do for a successful ad campaign

Enable Final URL Expansion:

Final URL Expansion

A new tool called Final URL Expansion helps you identify new, converting search queries that your keyword-based search campaigns may not have covered yet.

Include A Range Of Creative Assets In Your Submission:

Performance Max Campaigns Assets

As much written, graphic, and video content as possible. When automation has a range of assets to work with to identify the best combinations, it performs better.

Supply Audience Signals:

Performance Max Audience Signals

Your data, which includes customer match and website visitor’s lists, as well as custom segmentation, are the most useful audience signals to provide.

Establish Objectives:

Google Ads Objectives

Determine which objectives are important to your company and tailor your campaign to meet them. Increased internet sales, lead generation, and offline sales growth are possible objectives.

Choose The Best Bidding Strategy:

Bidding Strategy
  • Smart Bidding: Bids are automatically determined based on your objectives.
  • Increase conversion value: Increase conversion value as much as possible while staying within your budget.
  • Increase conversions: Get as many people to convert as feasible.

Let’s now look at some of the advanced practices to do!

Google Ads Performance Max Best Practices For Lead Generation

Performance Max For Lead Generation
  • Bidding targets and conversion targets.
  • Regularly import offline conversions.
  • To accurately value physical and online conversions, use value-based bidding mechanisms.
  • Select the deepest funnel conversion action with appropriate frequency and adjust the tCPA correspondingly if employing Maximise-conversions or tCPA bid tactics. Other lead conversions (goals) should be marked as “Observation only.”


Ad strength reporting is available during the ad creation process and in a new column in Google Ads. The rating scale runs from “Poor” to “Excellent.”

Organising a campaign

  • Machine learning is at the heart of Performance Max. To assist machine learning in producing results for your organisation, provide as much data as possible. As Signals, use remarketing lists, custom intent, customer match, and comparable audiences.
  • To appropriately value conversions, utilise offline conversion import or advanced conversions for Lead Generation.

Google Ads Performance Max Best Practices for All Types of Businesses

  • To your asset group, add 5 versions (at least) of text assets (4 headlines and 5 descriptions).
  • To your asset group, add 5 versions (at least) of picture assets (including 1200×1200).
  • Make the most of your resources.
  • Run campaigns for at least 6 weeks to give the machine learning algorithm time to ramp up and enough data to compare results.
  • To accelerate the machine learning ramp-up, use relevant audience lists as Signals.
  • Instead of using Google Analytics, use Google Ads Conversion Tracking.

Google Ads Performance Max Best Practices for Online Sales


  • Individual shop locations will report visits, and your customers will receive per-store performance information.
  • When evaluating the campaign’s success, compare it to similar performance-oriented initiatives with the same conversion activity. Compare to other offline media (print, radio, flyers, TV, etc.) with offline aims if a competitive comparison is desired.

Organising a campaign

Account ID or campaign setup: The needs and suggestions are made at the account level. If necessary, you can establish several campaigns as long as the account’s criteria are completed.

For example, you may establish five separate Performance Max campaigns, each with a $200 daily budget, two retailers, and a 30-day campaign duration.

  • Campaign duration: at least 30 days
  • Store visits: The campaign must be created under an account that is already operational and allows store visits (regardless of Google channel)
  • The number of business locations per account must be at least ten.

Is Performance Max meant to take the place of previous campaigns?

Google Ads Performance Max campaigns will only be used to replace Smart Shopping, Gmail, and Local campaigns for the time being. Other forms of campaigns will be available till further notice. By the end of September 2022, Google has established a plan to transition from Smart Shopping and Local to Performance Max.

Starting in April, you’ll be able to upgrade your Smart Shopping and Local campaigns to Performance Max to have access to more inventories, and Google will provide a one-click upgrade tool to help you get started.

Gmail campaigns haven’t been editable since July 2021, but Google has recently said that standalone Gmail campaigns will be phased down by June 28, 2022. Advertisers can use a standalone Discovery campaign or the new Performance Max campaign to access this inventory.

Wrap Up

Google will roll out new capabilities in Google Ads Performance Max campaigns for stores and enterprises with physical locations in the coming months. Businesses will be able to optimise campaigns just for new client acquisitions with future capabilities.

Retailers who use a local inventory feed will see new Search and Maps ad forms powered by their items, which will help them generate more foot traffic to their businesses. To help organisations achieve better outcomes, Google aims to continue investing in Performance Max and expanding its automation technologies.

Hopefully, the practices mentioned above would’ve proved helpful to you. We shall bring more about this in future. 

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