Google Ads Remarketing Campaign For Dentists

Google Ads Display campaigns allow you to promote and distinguish your dental business, your products, and services through display ads published on editorial sites. However, Google remarketing should also have its place in your marketing campaign. 

The purpose of remarketing (or retargeting) campaigns is to present your products to a user who has already visited your site and therefore expressed an interest in your services. 

Implementing a remarketing campaign associated with a Google Ads Search campaign aims to increase your conversion rate. Remarketing campaigns do have an exciting return on investment. 

The Benefits of Google Ads remarketing.

What this technique achieves is remarketing to potential patients who have already looked on your website. If someone has been to your website and not converted, you can follow that visitor all over the internet with your ads which will improve your brand awareness and possibly get that person to return to your website again.

Google Ads Display, targeted visibility.

Google Ads Display campaigns are intended to give your brand visibility and push the visitor further down the funnel. However, Google Ads Display campaigns are not all about large companies; they help every business, even the more saturated markets, including dentists. 

This allows dentists to gain visibility effectively with a perfectly controlled budget, which may be limited. You can grow your local customer base with little effort once the hard work has been done. You need to set up your first Google Adwords remarketing campaign to see the benefits of it. To create your lists, you have four possibilities:

  • All visitors to your site.
  • Email list
  • People who have used your mobile app.
  • Anyone who has viewed one of your videos on YouTube.

After creating your lists, you set up different scenarios depending on the behaviour of your visitors. It’s a great way to follow up with potential customers, and it boosts your brand awareness to a massive extent. 

Adapt your advertising messages to the search.

If you are creating a search remarketing campaign that targets only members of your remarketing lists, it is relevant, in this case, to tailor your messages. Tailoring messages allows you to “retarget” the audience and their actions on your website e.g., the pages they visit. 

For example, you can put an incentive in your ads to push to action people who have already had contact with your offers but did not convert before, such as “Introductory offer.” 

Hope you enjoyed this video, if you need any help with your Google Ads remarketing campaigns for your dental clinic, then please do get in touch. We’d be happy to have an informal chat and discuss your requirements and show you how we can help you generate more leads with Google Ads.

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