Are you maximising your ROI from Google Ads? A simple way to increase your ROI or ROAS is by remarketing your ads to those unconverted visitors so you can bring them back to your website or landing page. If you want to understand Google Ads Remarketing, watch this short video to learn more.

What Is Google Ads Remarketing (Retargeting)?

Remarketing is when you go to a website or a landing page. You are tagged/pixel which allows the website owner to follow you on the internet with their ads. Remarketing is one of the most powerful ways to bring back unconverted visitors to your website to increase your ROI or ROAS.

How Does Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing Work?

Google Ads Remarketing (Retargeting)
Image by Google Ads Support

One of the best companies for remarketing and retargeting is Amazon. You go to Amazon, you don’t buy that product. You just look at it and then you go off Amazon and you’ll find that product is following you all over the internet. That is what we call dynamic remarketing. 

With service-based industries like ours where we are selling Google ads services, web design, photography and so on. We can’t do dynamic remarketing but what we can do is let’s say if somebody visits a particular web page or a blog post, we can then create specific ads for that user.

So if somebody comes to my website and looks at Google Ads then the ads can be about Google ads. Whereas somebody who goes to my website and lands on the photography or a video marketing page. Then photography or video marketing will follow them.

So you can follow or remarket on YouTube & Google Display Network, which has over 2 million high-quality websites, covering almost 80% to 85% of the internet. You can also remarket on search ads which we call the RLSA (remarketing list for search ads).

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