When you’re using Google Ads, it can get difficult and time-consuming to manual bid for the ad auction. This is where Google Ads Smart Bidding comes in. Machine learning is used to analyse and set the best possible bids.

To be successful, you need a Google Ads bidding strategy and a little input to help you. Here’s how to do it in three steps:

1. Selecting The Right Strategy

To start with, you need to choose the best Google Ads bidding strategy for your goals. Do you want to increase your conversions? Decrease your cost per acquisition (CPA)? Get a certain return on ad spend (ROAS)? When you’ve chosen your goal, you can choose a suitable strategy to help you achieve that, and begin.

2. Waiting

Next, you need to wait it out. This is where the learning period comes in. It can take a week for the Smart bidding algorithm. But not only that, the conversion delay or time between the click and the conversion, is important too. After a week, you may want to wait a week or two more for the algorithm to gather data, you can then wait the additional conversion delay period after that, to begin your analysis.

3. Continuing To Optimize

Now, you can start to get a lot more strategic about how your optimize your google ads bidding strategy. Here, you can make adjustments to the creative you’re using, work on your landing page, or even improve your mobile shopping experience for users to enhance your results, all of which help the bidding algorithm to perform better.

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