Here’s a YouTube Live episode where we share some of our tips to help you with Google Ads and video marketing as well as answer viewers’ questions.

Here’s a look at some of the many questions answered during this episode…

  • What is Gclid? 
  • Are there any good alternatives to Google AdWords Editor? 
  • Why is Facebook ads better than Google Ads?
  • What is the best way to reduce your cost per click on Google Ads?
  • Is it better to invest in SEO or run ads on Google? 
  • What are my top tips on Google Ads? 
  • Which link should I click when I make a Google search, the AdWord link or the normal link? I know both links will lead to the same result destination, but who actually benefits when I click the AdWord link? Google or the advertiser? 
  • Do responsive display ads really perform better on the display campaigns on GDN than typical banner ads?
  • What is the best PPC reporting tool for Google Ads and Facebook for under a hundred dollars a month?
  • If I use Google keyword planner, do I need to use any other keyword tools? 
  • From your own experience, do you think comments now are still an important factor for video ranking and YouTube’s algorithms?
  • What do you think is more important, clickthrough rate or retention rate for YouTube videos?
  • What ways do Google Ads experts make money online without creating blogs or a YouTube channel?
  • What are the best video marketing tips for business? 
  • What’s your number one tip to help businesses get started with video marketing?
  • Can we promote affiliate products on Google Ads?
  • Can you put the three match types on the same ad groups/ SKAGs?

If you enjoyed learning about Google Ads by watching this video, why not ask your own question that you’d like to have answered?

We are live every weekday on YouTube Live 1700 hrs UK time and hope you can join us soon!

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