Google AdWords Ad Groups Tutorial 2018.

In this video blog, you will learn how to create ad groups for your Google AdWords Ad Groups using the new Google AdWords interface. The old interface will sunset around Feb 2018.

Get a head start and learn how to use the new Google AdWords interface and how to set up your Ad Groups in it. It is a good idea to organise your campaigns and ad groups as you create them. Reorganising them afterwards wipes out all the data and possibly affecting how your ads perform.


Google AdWords Ad Groups Tutorial 2018


For each ad group, keep a narrow theme and create that ad group around that theme using very related keywords to that theme. Also make sure that your ads mention the keyword/s at least once, ideally in Heading 1 or Heading 2.

In the video, you will also learn how to set up keyword match types and what are they. These include:

– broad match
– exact match
– phrase match
– broad modified

Each match type is explained and which one to use and which to avoid in your Google AdWords Ad Groups.


What Is An Ad Group?

An Ad Group contains your ads. According to Google best practices, you should have 3 different ads per ad groups which target your keyword/s. Ad Groups help organise your ads and the ads should be in a common theme, such as the type of service or product you want to advertise.

So let’s get started….

I hope you enjoyed this Google AdWords Ad Groups Tutorial 2018 video. Please feel free to share this blog/video on your social media channels if you feel this may help others.

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