About Google AdWords Callout Extension

You can promote unique offers with Callout Extension in the search ads. These could be:

  • Free shipping
  • 24-hr customer service
  • Price match
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Live Chat

There is no additional charge for using this extension, you pay the usual CPC if someone clicks on it.

Google AdWords callout extension can be set to account, campaign or ad group level. The benefits of using callout extensions are that it can highlight your business offering and promote popular aspects of your business.

You can easily set up the extension and update it whenever you like. This does not change the ad copy and won’t send the ad for review to Google. Just modify the callout extension text without affecting the ad copy.

The callout extension can help improve the CTR, clicks and conversions as it helps the visitor making an informed decision. It also makes your ad bigger and is one of the Google best practices when setting up your ads.

To learn more, visit the Google AdWords Help Centre or about Quality Score & Ad Rank here.

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