Using Google Display Network video ads can help you to potentially reach millions of customers.

Video Ads used on the Google Display Network can help you to expand your reach globally across a range of demographics in both YouTube and Google.

There are two main benefits to this:

Brand Awareness

At SF Digital, we are strong advocates of the use of video to build brand awareness, especially on high visibility sites like YouTube.

Drive Traffic

You can use existing text and image ads to decide where to place them on YouTube, or you can target demographics on a wider scale.

So how do video placements work?

Within the Google Display Network video ads can be placed upon content where publishers have permitted it. For Google Ad campaigns that target the whole Display Network without restrictions,

As part of the Google Display Network, video publishers can opt to allow ad placements on their video content. If set up that way, display ads can be eligible to run on any video partner content on the Display Network, but if you want to target specific YouTube videos or channels to either include or exclude them, you can do this as well.

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