Google has made it easier for marketers to advertise products and services more conveniently and efficiently. It has added four new features that will enable marketers and advertisers to understand the issues and improve their campaigns’ performance.

4 New Features By Google For Performance Max Campaigns

If you’re a marketer, you need to check out these four new features that will help you improve your campaigns’ performance. Using these features will streamline the entire process and ensure you achieve optimal results from your Google Ads Performance Max campaigns.

So, what are the new features? And how those can help you?

We will tell you about the key points to give you a better idea about Google’s new features. Let’s get right into it.



Firstly, the new explanations feature enables marketers to analyse the performance fluctuations and determine issues. Moreover, you will also get relevant suggestions from this feature to enhance your campaign’s performance.

For instance, this feature will analyse the product status in your product feed along with various other best-selling products, kinds, groups, etc. You can soon use this feature in Performance Max campaigns.

Seasonality Adjustments

Seasonality Adjustments

Another vital feature worth noticing is the seasonality adjustments. This feature enables the marketers to modify their bid strategy according to the predicted changes in conversion rate for different occasions like holiday deals and discounts.

Since you can use Smart Bidding for predicted seasonal occasions, you should utilise this feature only for unusual changes. It is best to use the adjustment for long weekend promotions or for offers that can last for around a week.

Data Exclusions

Data Exclusions

The data exclusions are also an important feature worth noticing. It communicates to Smart Bidding to skip information from dates where you might have been able to track conversion, affecting the data’s accuracy. Bugs or tagging issues are the most common reasons this could happen.

Optimisation Score

Optimisation Score

Last but not least, the optimisation score enables the marketers to check if there is any room for improvement with the campaign. It also gives you relevant suggestions to help you take action and obtain optimal results for your efforts.

Final Word

These four new features by Google will help you to improve your Performance Max campaigns’ results. So you can leverage it to ensure your target audience is well aware of your products or services. 

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