Google Product Ads: Availability Mark Up

Google is now introducing an Availability Mark Up feature into their image search results page for Google Product Ads, which will enable you to show customers how many products you have available for sale.

When you search for a product within Google, you may have noticed that certain products are displaying the availability on their ads. This is a new feature introduced recently called Google Product Ads: Availability Mark Up.

Shopping Image Search Results

The availability of products will now be shown within the image results. Products that are in-stock will display as green and those out-of-stock will be red. This makes it easier for your customers to see at a glance what is available for them to buy.

Price & Description

When the customer clicks upon an available product, the price, a short description and any star reviews will be displayed.

This is an interesting development from Google as it shows they are moving towards making image search results more actionable for potential customers. From this, we can see that the optimization of Google Ads with images is going to be even more important moving forward and is another reason to include structured data in the content for your campaign.

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