In this video, you will learn what is Google Responsive Search Ads and why you should use them in your Google Ads campaign.

Hello I’m Uzair and thanks for joining in. The question is, What are Google Responsive Search Ads? So these responsive ads or RSA as we call them is another type of ad in Google Ads.

So just like the expanded text ads, you can also set up a responsive search ad, and you can quite easily test different headlines and descriptions with minimal work.

So the way responsive search ads work are that you write up to 15 headlines or it allows you to write up to 15 headlines, which is up to each is up to 30 characters long and you can write up to four description line up to 90 characters long.

Then Google will mix and match the headlines and descriptions and display those ads in different combinations and see which message or the combination works the best and performs the best for you.

So it’s a great way to test multiple headlines or descriptions without having to write more ads. Although you have put up maybe 10 or 15 headlines and four description lines, Google will only display a maximum of three headlines.

And two description lines at a time in that ad. And then the algorithm is just going to keep on swapping the headlines and the description and use them in different combinations to see which search query is resonating the best with your ad and you’re getting the most clicks and obviously getting the most conversions from your responsive search ad. 

I hope you enjoyed this video. If you’d like me to create a little video like this one for you, and you’ve got a question, please send it to and I’ll do my best to create a little video for you. Thanks for joining in and I’ll see you in my next one.

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