As we have seen in my previous post, Responsive Search Ads can be a really useful tool in your Google Ads campaign. 

In this article, I’ll discuss some best practices for creating Responsive Search Ads and some key mistakes to try and avoid. 

Ideally, within each ad group, Google recommends including at least two expanded text ads and one responsive search ad. 

Best Practices

To get started in creating your responsive search ad, you should review the Add Responsive Search Ads recommendation within Google Ads. Make sure to include as many relevant, unique headlines and descriptions as you can. 

Avoid Redundant Headlines

Too many irrelevant headlines and descriptions can limit the system’s ability to put together suitable ad combinations. 

Volume of Content

Be sure to provide at least 8-10 headlines. This means that the system has more options from which to assemble your messages into relevant ads, improving overall performance. Make sure that the headlines are unique and don’t repeat similar phrases and include a keyword in at least two of them. 

Reuse Content

You can use headlines and descriptions from your existing text ads, particularly ones that have been performing well. If it works well in your Google Ads search ad campaign, then it is likely to succeed in your responsive search ads as well. 

Popular Keywords

Make sure to include text from your keywords that relate to your ad group. This will improve the relevancy and effectiveness of your ads for the user.

Ad Strength

Try to get your ad strength to a “Good” or “Excellent” rating. This will give you feedback to help you improve the message to your users. Look at the recommended action steps within Google Ads to refine your campaign. 

Remove Pinning

If you have previously pinned your Headlines and Descriptions, you may want to remove the pinning so that the Google Ads system can create more combinations of ads and improve the overall performance. 

I hope that you enjoyed this blog and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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