Google Search Partners: 6 Top Tips

The network within Google is divided into two parts – the Google Search Network and Google Display Network. The searches carried out on Google’s search engine produce the results page that we are used to seeing. 

In this article, I will give you my top six tips to maximize your results with Google Search Partners:

Where Does Your Audience Browse?

Making the best use of Search Partner settings can take a lot of effort and patience and you want to make sure that it’s worth it. Before you start, take some time to go through your search term report and try high-impression queries in a Search Partner ad group as a test. I would also recommend using negative keywords to remove any search terms that aren’t performing

Branded Campaigns

A great place to start with Google Search Partners is to test out high-intent targets and brand campaigns. This is because people who are typing your brand name into the search bar are likely to be highly ready to convert. The search partner network can increase the traffic volume and also use remarketing to target people who have already visited your site. 

Reviewing Your Keywords

You can’t adjust bids for search partners, but you can review your keywords and match types. This will increase the relevance and keep your campaign simple and highly targeted.

On reviewing your data, you can then segment your campaign to monitor which ad groups are performing the best, especially if you use Single Keyword Ad Groups. You can also segment by device type to see if more mobile or desktop users are engaging.

Review Performance Across Search & Display Partners

You can separate performance by network as well to keep an eye on how well your clicks perform on Google Search versus Search Partners. 

Keep Trying

If you’ve found that Google Search Partners hasn’t worked for you in the past, it is always worth trying again with a different offer. Using these tactics and experimenting with different audiences may provide more positive results. 

This advice applies also to Google Ads, which is constantly changing, so I would recommend testing and retesting their features. For example. smart bidding was not introduced to Search Partners until 2018, so this could make the difference that your campaign needs.

Duplicate Campaigns

A quick way to get a win is to duplicate campaigns – with one on Google & Search Partners and the other with just Google. You can set the Search campaign to a slightly higher bid, which means that the Google-only ads tend to win the auction. This leaves the Search Partner traffic for the campaign with both.

There is little point in optimizing search partners using this approach and you have to recreate the CPC changes exactly across the campaigns, or you may accidentally bid up the Search Partner-only campaign. But this tip can be a great way of boosting an already successful Google Search Network campaign across the two without doubling your budget.

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