Within this blog, we talk about all things Smart Shopping Campaigns, from what they entail, the benefits these campaigns have and how to optimize them to benefit your brand and business to its full potential.

About Google Smart Shopping campaigns and what are they?

A Smart Shopping campaign is a process to automatically pull product data from a specific feed and use it to create shopping advertisements that are specifically designed for your customers. Sounds great right? The campaign then intelligently put these different ads across different Google platforms using the bidding strategies you chose.

Smart Shopping campaigns can: simplify and make your campaign management easier, boost and maximise your conversion value and even expand your potential reach to different customers. Smart Shopping campaigns combine standard Shopping and display remarketing campaigns, and use smart, automated ad placement to showcase your products and business across a variety of networks.

Now you know what Smart Shopping campaigns are all about, what are the benefits?

There are three main benefits that come from Smart Shopping campaigns:

Easy, effortless optimization: Smart Shopping campaigns mix your already existing product feed and assets into various ads across different networks.

Automatic bidding: Google does the hard work for you by automating ad placement and bidding for each ad within your Smart Shopping campaign.

Straight-forward integration: You can easily create and manage your Smart Shopping campaign through different integrated third-party platforms, such as Shopify for example.

Who can use Smart Shopping campaigns and what are the requirements?

You’ll be lucky to know any business with a merchant centre feed can create and manage a Smart Shopping campaign.

You can create up to a whopping 100 Smart Shopping campaigns within your Google Ads account. For the best results and performance, Google recommends only using Smart Shopping campaigns where possible and relevant.

If you want more in-depth detail about setting up a budget for a Smart Shopping campaign or which Smart Shopping campaign strategy works best, watch our video below:

I’ve set up a Smart Shopping campaign, how do I optimise it?

There are a few, beneficial ways to optimise your Smart Shopping campaign to make it as successful as possible. Following these best practices within your campaign journey will get the most out of your Smart Shopping campaign with full optimisation.

Conversion Tracking

This helpful tool will allow you to keep track of when your ad leads to sales through your website. The number one, preferred source of conversion events should be online purchases. However, other sources of conversion tracking can be preferred too, such as signups or purchases over the phone may be included.

Remarketing tagging

Your Smart Shopping campaigns rely on a remarketing audience that is made up of people who visit your website. To ensure the best coverage and performance, add new people to your remarketing list.


To make sure you maintain a similar overall spend within your Smart Shopping campaign, try using the combined daily spend of your current Standard Shopping and display remarketing campaigns to set a potential budget.


To get the most out of your Smart Shopping campaign, try adding as many of your products as possible to your campaign. This will give your customers a range of products to view. The more products there are to choose from within a campaign, the better the performance will be.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to Google Smart Shopping campaigns and we hope you explore our other Smart Shopping campaign materials on our website. And don’t forget to check out our other Google Ads blogs too, here.

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