Is click fraud hurting your Google Ads campaigns? In this video, I talk about how to deal with click fraud and invalid clicks? Unfortunately, there is a big problem with click frauds or fake clicks on the search network, display network and just like in everything in life, you can’t get away from it. But what you can do is try to minimize it as much as possible.

Now, Google Ads is in the business of clicks. The whole business is around clicks. They can’t afford to get this out of hand. Google Ads do have a very sophisticated click fraud technology but like in everything else in life, this is going to happen.

So the way you can minimize or deal with it is if you find that your conversion rates have dropped, and it may well be because of click fraud. 

Exclude IP Addresses

Google Ads Exclude IP Addresses

If you can find the IP address which keeps clicking on your ads, you can block it by following simple steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Ads account.

Step 2: Select the campaign that you’d like to exclude IP addresses from.

Step 3: In the page menu on the left, click on the “Settings” section.

Step 4: Click to expand the “IP exclusions” section

Step 5: Enter the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to exclude from seeing your ads

Step 6: Click Save.

Click Fraud Software

Click Fraud Software

You can also use click fraud software like Click Fraud to discover and block malicious and non-converting traffic. You can maximize your Google Ads profits by eliminating or minimizing fraudulent, proxy, abusive, competitor & anonymous clicks.

You can start your free trial here.

Click Guard effectively safeguards your Google Ads ROI so you can focus on the quality and success of your business without having to deal with click fraud. I’d highly recommend this app.

You can detect threats, eliminate waste & boost growth. Fix those costly leaks in your Google Ads campaigns.

Google Analytics Data Analysis

Google Analytics Data Analysis

The other thing which I also do and we also do for our clients is when we do see the probability of click frauds on the account. What you can do is see the data in Google Analytics. If your bounce rate is very high, the time on site is very low, you know that these are bot clicks. They are not staying on your website or landing page and they are clicking on your ads coming to your website. And bouncing off. So that is a very good indication as to how we can minimize click fraud.

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