We don’t usually see brands incorporating funny content into their digital marketing strategy. However, Matt and Casey have successfully used funny content for various brands for the last 18 years. They told us how they understand their clients’ products and find the humorous element in it.

With the emergence of Facebook and social media platforms, Matt and Casey shifted their strategy from TV to social media. Learn more about how they harness the power of funny content in the video below:

Video Script:

Hello, I’m with Casey and Matt. Hi, guys. HI. How are you doing? Good. Very well, thank you. We’re at the DMC Partner Training Day in Austin and we’re going to have a quick conversation as to who you are, and what you do, first of all. All right. Yeah. Well, we are with Gravity Digital, and we do funny branded content for direct-to-consumer companies. So when you say funny, are we talking about cartoon types or animations? No, not animations. More like a funny TV show, only we make sales stuff into it. Yeah. So we like a professional talent crew. It feels like TV. Yeah.

Okay, brilliant. You’re niching down just on the funny videos. That’s right. Yeah. It’s all scripted. And so we meet with our clients, determine what it is that they’re selling, what are the pain points, and then we find the humorous aspects of that. And that’s what we script and bring in actors and all that fun stuff. So are we doing with funny cats? Kitten videos as well? Funny what? Kittens and cats. Cats. We will always throw animals in. Animals are always good for a laugh.

Now, I know we’re talking about funny things, but this is a very serious business because funny videos get the most engagement. So you picked up a really good niche. How did that come about? How long have you been doing this for? Well, we’ve been doing it for 20 years, so we actually started doing funny television commercials. But when Facebook and the Internet came along, YouTube really kind of changed things for us in that we weren’t limited by 30 seconds. And we could do a lot more in terms of the sale. We could take our time and really sell and measure. Can’t do that with TV. With ads online, we can really sell and track all kinds of great metrics.

Any big or huge wins you would like to share with our audience where something has gone really viral? Yeah, we had a healthcare company that we worked with. We’ve done a couple of funny videos for them and we took them from 5 million to 10 million. So that was a good bit of growth for them. We really enjoyed that. And lastly, let’s talk a little bit about the DMCP. Is this your first Partner Training Day? No. So we’ve been partners since 2018, so we have been here quite a bit. So traffic and conversion summit, the partner days. Love it. Love the content.

Always great speakers. Lots of good value and good relationships. That’s probably because the content is good. Relationships are probably like the number one thing. And I guess you can’t build relationships online. I know lots of people don’t travel. You can’t do all this online. So what’s the biggest takeaway so far from this morning’s various sessions? Biggest takeaways? Well, I think it’s kind of what you’re saying.

There’s just kind of this energy here where you can hear what other people are doing and what’s working for them, and you’re able to kind of filter these things and say, well, that doesn’t really work for my business, but that really does. That’s a great idea. That’s why we so appreciated your talk on video because there are so many things that we share and that are relatable between our two businesses.

So I really enjoyed that, what you taught about, and some others as well, too. There are some really smart people here today. And one final word for the DMCP team Michelle, Garrett, Mark, and everyone else, you can just tell when you’re here the amount of work that goes into something like this. We don’t take it lightly. That to coordinate. All of this is a lot of work. So we’re really appreciative for everything that they do, organizing days like this. Absolutely. Michelle, Gareth, Mark and the DM team, if you are watching this, we truly appreciate you. Thank you.

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