Online advertising is a lucrative venture to invest in, but when it comes to calculating the budget, it is always a stressful moment for both beginner and experienced marketers. If you’re a digital marketer and your client wants you to run a high lead-generating campaign for his business, you should set a budget for his project.

But if you are struggling to decide on a figure, then you’re at the right place. Here you will get a complete guide to calculating the budget for Google Ads. So let’s get started!!

Learn About Your Client’s Requirements

Is your client asking, “How much should I spend on Google ads?” Before you answer in the air, it is crucial to determine the client’s needs. So you first need to inquire about your client’s goals and deadlines. Based on these pillars, you’ll be able to draw a sketch in mind and give your client a number.

Begin With Minimum Clients

The best way to initiate is, to begin with, a minimum number of customers. Ask your client how many customers he is looking forward to initially. Let’s say he tells you 20, so your campaign requires 20 clicks per day. Now you have to estimate the price of 20 clicks via keyword planner. This will give you a keyword list with suggested bids, and you can estimate the budget based on the bids.

This will help you calculate the initial budget quickly.

Try The SMART Rule

Smart working is a lot better than hard-working, and that’s what you should adopt; the SMART rule.

These rules are,

  • SPECIFIC: Get the actual number of clients
  • MEASURABLE: Track your goals
  • ATTAINABLE: Enhance the possibilities
  • REALISTIC: Set reality-based goals
  • TIMELY: Consider a deadline

Proceeding with these cannons will help you get the job done more smoothly than ever.

Teach Your Client The Principle Of Unlimited Budget

The term unlimited budget does not refer to convincing your client to hand over a blank cheque. If the client can handle more leads or sales, and it’s within that $20 or whatever, you should simply keep raising it. Likewise, if you can purchase more traffic from your Google Ads, and that’s what we do – you just don’t need to have any budget. It may seem a little terrifying for them or you; however, this is how you will grow your profits, sales, and turnover.

Not to mention, you have to involve your client along with yourself while playing bigger shots.

Wrapping Up:

Calculating the advertising budget is a time-consuming task, but it’s worthwhile once you do it properly. It will help you build a long-lasting relationship with a client by providing him desired results. Hopefully, you now understand and are ready to calculate the budget. Good luck!

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