How To Create A Remarketing Audience In Google Analytics

A remarketing audience refers to the list of mobile advertising IDs or cookies that you use because they might become users. Your user behaviour or app will help you create a marketing audience that you will use as a basis for your remarketing campaign. You will use this in your Google Ads. 

It is possible for you to use Google Analytics when remarketing your audience. You need to follow a format that we will demonstrate in the video here:

Sign In To Google analytics

The first step is to sign in to Google Analytics on your computer. Google Analytics helps you to track your advertising ROI. It is also essential in monitoring video, social and networking sites and apps. With this, you will have an easier time tracking your business performance and how many conversions you have. 

How To Create Audiences

How To Create Audiences

Once you sign in, you need to go to the admin column and create an audience. When you go to the property column, you will find the click audience definitions option. This will lead you to audiences and then to a new audience. 

You should note that your audience is based upon the reporting view you have on your site at the moment. Once you enter the name for your audience, click the next step and choose the add destination menu to select the account where you want to use the audience. 

At this point, you can add age, gender, and any other interest if the audience includes them. After this, click and finally publish the audience to analytics. 

How To Edit Audiences

How To Edit Audiences

You can also edit or delete the audiences in Google Analytics using a few steps. In the same format, after signing in to Google Analytics, click on admin and then navigate to the property column and click on audience definitions. 

Click on the audience that you would like to edit and choose precisely what you want to edit. You can choose between the audience source, destination, or definition. For audiences in existence due to a previous source, they will remain until their duration expires. 

With Google Analytics, you can choose to close, open and delete the audience as much as you need to. They will, however, receive ads until their membership expires when you have closed them. 

Choosing A Remarketing Audience

When you create a marketing audience, it is easy to specify the criteria and advertising accounts.  You will be able to choose your audience from the definitions you previously configured or create a new audience definition. It is also possible for you to import the audience from a previous segment and use them to create a remarketing audience.

You can save the audience as a list so that it is available when you need to advertise in the accounts. You can also use Google Ads to create an audience and to add the list to any of your ad groups. 

The non-advertising accounts allow you to publish an unlimited number of audiences. A single Google Analytics account will allow you to publish up to 50 audiences. You can also publish up to 10 accounts for advertising at once, and the audience is available to all the managing accounts. 

Identify Audience Behaviour

To create the criteria for the remarketing audiences, you need to identify their behaviours. This is easy to initiate because you can use the different standards:

  • Users who have viewed your product detail pages but did not add any of the items they viewed in their carts
  • Those who added items to the carts but did not go-ahead to complete the purchase 
  • The users who purchased a particular item but failed to buy another thing 

When you tailor the list, you will have a better time remarketing and creating ads that will address the needs of your audiences. 

Use the audience in remarketing audiences in Google Ads.

When you finish creating a list of all the audiences, you can use them now in remarketing. Create an ad group and ensure your audience is in the group because this will act as your advertising account. You can use a custom build that will allow you to create the list. Use the audiences that view your ads and posts so that it is easy in Google ads remarketing. 

Remember to link the ad directly from Google Analytics so that it will create a campaign. Every audience will have a link to the respective Google Ad account in the list of remarketing. 

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