How To Create Effective Responsive Search Ads

Here is our essential and handy guide to optimizing ads and messaging on Google Search to maximise your ads campaign efficiency.

Before we start: Remember to do these two things

  1. Carry out at least 4 extensions for each campaign or ad group; Ad extensions are there to make your ads more engaging for the audience and allow you to present useful information about your brand or business.
  2. Implement at least one responsive search ad with either ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ ad strength per ad group; Brand and advertisers who are constantly improving their ad strength see 9% more clicks and conversions on average.
Google Ads Responsive Search Ads

How to create compelling responsive search ads

  1. Write engaging and genuine ad copy
  • Review cross-campaign asset reporting; This type of report helps you fully understand which of your descriptions and headlines resonate most with your audience
  • Examine your ad strength insights. How many users react to your ads? This variable makes sure you are delivering the key messages to the appropriate users.
  • Don’t use generic language or jargon within your ads, stick to specific calls to action
  • Create messaging that zooms in on user benefits
  1. Craft messaging that showcases your brand, your products and the services you’re offering
  • Be careful of the character limit
  • Keep an eye on your headlines, they’re the first thing that people see
  • Create an ad text that benefits users across multiple devices
  1. Setting your ads up for success
  • Input as many unique and relevant headlines/descriptions to assemble more ad combinations
  • Use keyword insertion and ad customisers
  • Implement all ad extensions that make sense for your own business
  • Put all responsive search ads together with Smart Bidding
  1. Test and make sure to optimize creative messages
  • Use optimized ad rotation if your campaign has more than one ad group
  • Use ad variations to test creative messages
  • Choose the right metrics to understand how your ads are performing

So, there you have it. Our simple step-by-step guide on how to create effective responsive Google Ads.

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