When you talk about analytics, what comes to mind should be building a remarketing list.

To do this you should link both your Google Ads and Analytics account.

We’ve got an informative video that you can watch all about how to get the most out of remarketing when combined with Google Analytics.

A remarketing list is an assortment of site or application ‘guests’ accumulated by cookies added to your site or application. As you create a list, you also get to create the rules. That allows you to track;

  • The time visitors spent on your site/application.
  • Specify the duration those visitors are allowed to be members of the list.
  • You also get to add them to the campaign ads group to show targeted ads to your visitors.

Benefits of Google Ads Remarketing With Google Analytics

The significant benefits of remarketing lists are:

  • You get to advertise specific cases.
  • It enables you to show your ads to people you are acquainted with or have interacted with before.
  • You can reach a broader market.
  • Remarketing lists will allow you to set effective pricing for your products and services.

With a remarketing list, you will have accurate reports of how your campaigns are performing.

How Remarketing Lists Work

Website Visitors

Within seconds of visiting a page with either the global site tag or a remarketing event snippet, visitors get added to a remarketing list.

The visitor’s timestamp is updated every time they visit a new page on your site containing an event fragment. The individual stays on the agenda for the period defined by the membership duration.

Remember, if people visit several pages on your site, they get added to multiple remarketing lists for the set time frame.   

Visitors or Users

You may have no guests as you first create your remarketing lists. But as they start touring your site, the plans are based on the rules you have set. Therefore you have to ensure that your website is tagged so that The list of visitors grows.


For visitors to get added to your list, they must meet the rules and regulations you have set.

You can set marketing lists far and above the plans that Google charges for you by default with rules.

Remarketing List Size

The remarketing list size depends on the:

  • Target market
  • Your list settings
  • Duration your tag has been in place
  • Campaign settings

Note that only members with Gmail accounts are legible to be added to remarketing lists.

List status

The status of your list depends on you. You can decide to create an open or closed Remarketing list. Only you have the right to change the status anytime, and the good thing is that this does not affect your event snippet or the list settings.

An open status means that your list is growing. Here Google ads will keep adding new visitors on your list. On the other hand, closed status means that your list won’t grow, although your targeting will still work.

Membership Duration

You can determine the extent that your visitors can be members of your list. For example, you can set it to grow so that the membership expires unless visitors frequently use the website.

Inactive Lists 

At times you may have dormant remarketing lists; maybe they have not been used for 540 days. In this case, they will be set to closed status automatically.

This means there won’t be visitors, although they will still be visible at your audience’s table.

You can reopen the list anytime, and then it will be active again, and it will keep growing as the number of people will be added to the remarketing list. 

Wrap Up On Google Ads Remarketing With Google Analytics   

For Google ads remarketing to be successful, Google analytics have to be put into consideration. The two work better if integrated rather than using each individually.

You can create a remarketing list from Google Analytics based on the audience on your analytics data. On the other hand, when it comes to Google ads, you should create a remarketing list depending on the visitors who visit your apps’ websites or users.

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